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Thread: Need help manufactureing new patented part

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    Default Need help manufactureing new patented part

    I invented a locking oil plug for bikes with oil tanks,and need help manufactreing.
    I got the notice of allowance for the patent recently, have a proto type,needs tuning.
    The plug goes in,then the dip stick,when the dipstck goes in,the plug plumps a little,and the housing shifts over,and the plug wont come out,the dipstick has a lock on it.
    it only has 3 metal parts, no little parts to vibrate and come off in the oil bag,no metal rubs on the filler tube, perfered desighn is very well thought out.
    I am in the houston area,but all replies are welcome,product has enormouse potential.
    All locking oil plugs are covered in the patent,not just the previos modle,its a plug,not a cap,Thanks,Dan
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    Has someone been stealing oil out of your bike? ? Never heard of someone stealing used motorcycle oil out of a motor...
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