i know that 2003 ZX6RR is shet compared to 2003 ZX6R. But Trevor at BK says that this years 6RR is better than the 6R and that if he had a choice for "street use", he would pick the 6RR over the 6R. he says the 6RR has the slipper clutch and better suspension than the stiffer 6R.

i had a chance to ride a 2004 GXSR 600 & GXSR 750, and Ninja ZX6R today. i decided to get a 6R but when i went to BK i decided on a 6RR over the 6R. do you guys out there have any opinions ?? i never had a chance to ride a 6RR but i am just assuming its a better bike ?!?

any opinions would be welcomed.