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Thread: Kawasaki's New SV Fighter

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    Smile Kawasaki's New SV Fighter

    A few months back, I had the opportunity to speak with one of Kawasaki's main product development guys, and we spent an extended dinner discussing the company's product strategy.

    What Kawi needed, said I, is a new middleweight machine, boasting a seemingly divergent blend of rider-friendliness and a high fun-to-ride quotient, something akin to Suzuki's brilliant SV650. Give it a torquey twin-cylinder engine and fresh, dynamic styling, and what would result, I opined, would be a cross-the-board sales hit.

    I should've guessed then that something was in the pipeline by the way the Kawi rep didn't try to justify why the green team didn't have something like it in the works. So, as we requested, here's the 2006 ER6n, an elemental yet avant garde design that has plenty of crossover appeal.

    It's "for existing riders and those who have not previously considered the merits of motorcycling," reads Kawi's advance media kit for the ER. "A machine for riders of all ages and abilities, whether male or female."

    Details are frustratingly scant at this point, but we can tell you Kawi's new SV650 fighter is powered by a fuel-injected DOHC Parallel Twin that displaces 649cc. The steel downtube backbone frame is augmented by a second tube mounted to the engine that strengthens the structure. The frame, steel swingarm and conventional-style fork legs are highlighted with color accents different from the bodywork, and its dished seat seems to be friendly to short legs.

    The face of the ER6n is comprised of a uniquely styled headlight that looks very 21st century, with a faired-in instrument cluster above. Another distinctive design is the under-engine muffler, like a Buell, that lightens up the appearance of the bike's rear end. The laydown single shock is offset to the bike's right side, enhancing the design's visual flow. Also up to date are the ER's clear-lens turnsignals and petal-style brake rotors like Kawi's ZX series.

    "The ER6n is being released early to give you a taste of what you can expect from Kawasaki in the near future," said Kawasaki president Shinichi Morita. "While it represents a slight departure from the machines we have produced to date, we are confident that, in the ER6n, a wide range of riders will find the riding pleasure that is a key ingredient of all Kawasaki motorcycles."

    Kawasaki's U.S. arm hasn't yet announced the ER's arrival to America. What do you think, gang: Should they bring it here? Who wants an ER6n?

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    I can't wait for this to come out!

    Until now there has been nothing more perfect for me than my present Honda VTR 250 which is only very slightly shorter (5mm) and lighter (<4stone) than this baby!

    It comes at a perfect time - nearly 2 years since I passed my test!

    There is a dedicated website to this machine
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