View Full Version : Motorcycle Performance Gauge with Heads Up Display Technology

04-07-2005, 04:49 PM
Nonlinear Engineering Inc has combined their Veypor motorcycle data gauge with the SportVue Heads Up Display (HUD) to provide an industry first display solution for motorcyclists. The display mounts to any helmet and uses patented optics to put critical riding and racing information directly in the riderís field of view.

The Veypor SportVue HUD is available as an add-on for all existing Veypor owners. A wireless transmitter plugged into the Veypor automatically transmits all information to the helmet mounted HUD via a custom 2.4 GHz wireless link. The HUD displays speed, RPM, shift indicators and current gear as well as various timing and information messages. On the track it letís a rider know at a glance their gear, when to shift, the last lap time, and even the difference between the current and previous lap times, all without having to look down at the bikeís instruments.


The Veypor SportVue HUD mounts to any full-face motorcycle helmet. Its unique optics focus the information well out in front of the user almost eliminating the need for the rider to take their eyes off the road. The image is clear, easy to read and in the normal field of view, requiring little or no focal time. This immediate and fast access to vital information improves reaction times and performance on the street, drag strip and race track.

The Veypor Performance computer and SportVue Heads Up Display are available from Nonlinear Engineering and a dealer near you. See the website for details.