View Full Version : Florida Motorcyclists To Get Screwed Again

02-13-2009, 11:35 PM
“The Florida Legislature is in session and working on a budget that includes diverting funds, some of which clearly state that they can’t be used for other purposes. During the 2008 session of the legislature the fee for motorcycle licenses were increased saying that the money would be used for education. My self and others were against this because no one had explained how the money previously collected was being used and why an increase was needed. Now there is a bill before the legislature FL HB 5007A: Proposes Changes: Motorcycle License Taxes: Florida Motorcycle Safety Program.

Current Situation: Currently, s. 320.08(1)(c), F.S., provides that for each motorcycle registered in Florida, a $2.50 motorcycle safety education fee is collected and deposited into the Highway Safety Operating Trust Fund. These funds are used EXCLUSIVELY to fund motorcycle driver improvement programs implemented pursuant to s. 322.025, F.S., or the Florida Motorcycle Safety Education Program. This program was established in 1989 to provide motorcycle safety courses in Florida

PROPOSED CHANGES: The bill amends s. 320.08, F.S., to allow the $2.50 education fee to fund motorcycle driver improvement program and the general operations of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. This bill also amends s. 322.0255, F.S. to eliminate certain potential reimbursements from the Department to motorcycle course providers.

That means they are taking the money and Not Putting It Back! I also suspect that the motorcycle rider courses will look to raise their fee for their courses because of this and since in 2008 the Florida Legislature made it mandatory to take one of their courses motorcyclist will be screwed again. Traffic fines will increase across the board by $10 and speeding fines will increase by $25. New reports from the Federal Government say that speed is only a small factor in crashes. One thing for sure though it is a money maker for the cities and state and is expected to raise $15 million this year and $60 million next year in Florida, a move that will spare the state courts system more cuts. The Florida Legislators gave themselves a raise, free health care and party at the expense of taxpayers.

Governor Charlie Crist charged $430,000 for a trip to Europe in 2008 taking more than two dozen state employees, a photographer, and nine bodyguards. The list goes on and on how legislators spend taxpayer money while wanting the citizens to continue to give up benefits and services. If they want to balance the budget they should start by setting an example by stopping waste in government. Hopefully the motorcycle riders of Florida will say: Enough Is Enough. Start by contacting your legislator and telling them - To Vote No! on FL HB 5007A. That money is collected to promote motorcycle safety and should not be used for any other purpose”