View Full Version : Bikelug Collapsible Motorcycle Trailers Fit In the Trunk of a Small Car

04-07-2005, 04:46 PM
Bikelug (www.bikelug.com) have recently launched their T10 collapsible trailer in the USA, the trailer can carry motorcycles up to 1000 lbs in weight with a wheelbase up to 70 inches, when not in use it can be dismantled in seconds for easy storage and maximum portability.

The trailer has been professionaly designed for the simplest possible operation, no other folding trailer is as easy to use or features the attention to detail of the Bikelug Collapsible Trailer. The unit consists of just three main parts with the biggest item being less than 40 inches long. The whole unit can be assembled and dismantled in less than a minute without using any tools.

Loading is easy, the Bikelug fold up trailer has an innovative pivoting coupling which allows the rear of the trailer to be tilted downwards for loading, the bike can be pushed or driven onto the trailer or pulled into place using the optional detatchable winch. Once in place the bike is secured in position using the tie-down points located at the front of the trailer and also at the end of each axle.

Because the trailer is so light and compact there's never any need to haul an empty trailer again, if you're delivering or collecting a bike you can fold the trailer up and place it in the trunk of even the smallest car for the return journey.

If trailer storage is a problem because of local bylaws, zoning or just a lack of space the Bikelug Trailer can be stored in a closet, in a corner of a garage or shed, it can even be carried upstairs and stored in an attic. Whether you're looking to save space in your yard or garage or you live in an appartment in the city the Bikelug Collapsible Trailer is the convenient answer to your trailer storage problems.

The Bikelug T10 Collapsible Trailer is supplied with a 2" coupling and is suitable for any class of hitch, a 1-7/8" coupling is available as an option. The unit complies with Federal regulations and is supplied with full instructions, VIN, certificate or origin, road legal lighting kit and a licence plate holder.

Full specification and details of available accessories are can be found on the Bikelug US website www.bikelug.com. (http://www.bikelug.com.)