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GridView Summary

Duplicate Part Number Found


Use non-exact search

If you leave the checkbox unchecked, then the search will use common english phrases. Some simple examples are:

  • muffler and mount
  • generator or alternator
  • headlamp or headlight
  • etc...
A full description of the syntax to use, please refer to: this document.

If you check the box, the system will just use your input to find similar information. The words are delimited by the spaces and are used as guides for what you're looking for. For example, if you enter the word muffler, it will find you the parts with muffler in their name or description. However, if you enter the word sparkplugs, it will also find all items with sparkplug (no ending s). In general, if you are having problems finding what you need, you might get more results by checking this box.